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Question: I bought an app on Android Market, why won't it download?
  • The way Google sets up the system, We write the applications and they control the software to download the application. The good part is that Google makes it so you can download applications you have paid for again.
  • Please try these steps to get the application to install:
  • 1) Open the Google Android Market App on your phone
  • 2) Click the Menu button after the app is open
  • 3) In the menu that shows up, click the "My Apps" button
  • 4) Scroll through the list of apps you have installed. You will likely see the app and can click on it to install.
  • If that doesn't work:
  • 1) Open the Google Android Market App on your phone
  • 2) Find the app on the market (just like when you tried to buy it the first time)
  • 3) It will likely say "Install" or "Open" as the buttons near the top.
  • 4) If it says "Open", then you have it installed and it should launch the application
  • 5) If it says "Install", then you likely did not successfully buy the app. In most cases this is because your credit card number on your account needs to be updated. Update your account information and try again.

    Question: How can I add different sounds for notifications and alerts?
  • Android has some build in default file locations that can be used for this.
  • If you place sound files in the folders noted below, they will automatically appear as sound options for your alerts or notificaions. (NOTE: You may have to restart your phone first for them to be recognized)
  • Alarms = /sdcard/system/media/audio/alarms
  • Notification = /sdcard/system/media/audio/notifications
  • Ringtones = /sdcard/system/media/audio/ringtones

    Question: When I try to buy an app on Google Play (formerly Android Market), it is getting cancelled saying to setup an account or update credit card information.
  • Update your information at

    Question: I really like your apps and you added some features for me. With most apps only $0.99 I feel like you deserve more. How can I reward you?
  • We do work very hard on these apps. Please show you care and motivate us to do more!